- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Associated Press brings news that “Greece has granted rare permission for a U.S. film to be shot on the ancient Acropolis and other historic landmarks.”

The movie, a comedy, is called “My Life in Ruins,” and it’s to star “My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s” Nia Vardalos.

This reminds me of the ballyhoo about Syndey Pollack getting then-unprecedented permission to film inside the United Nations headquarters for the dreadful “The Interpreter.”

I’ve got an idea: If you’re a filmmaker, and you get the greenlight to shoot some heretofore unfilmed landmark or holy shrine, you should sign a contract in blood that you’ll actually produce a decent movie.

And the punishment for breach of contract?

Let’s wait ‘till all this Geneva Conventions stuff is settled.



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