- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 21, 2006

Members of the national media seem smitten with the idea that Brett Favre is the answer to the Redskins’ offensive problems in general and their quarterback problems in particular. Face it, folks, it’s not happening. Favre said Wednesday he wants to stay on an awful Green Bay team. Plus, the Redskins would be foolish to take a shot at No. 4 in midseason.

The quarterback issue was discussed on HBO’s Inside the NFL last night. Like everybody else, that group wondered when Jason Campbell will get his shot.

Here’s what Cris Collinsworth said: “They probably would have gone to another quarterback if they had another quarterback. Todd Collins is not ready to play in the NFL, Jason Campbell, a young player, is not ready to play in the NFL. One of their guys in the organization told me, ‘Listen, we pray for Mark Brunell every day because if he goes down, we’re done.’”

They may be done even if Brunell stays healthy.



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