- The Washington Times - Friday, September 29, 2006

On my first day at the Times, another intern and I were told to go interview the “man on the street” about the woes of the Washington Redskins (this was before the Texans game).

My task was to ride the Red line up north to Maryland and fill a notebook with fan sentiments and solutions.

Growing up a Browns fan in Marietta, Ohio, I had no idea how passionate D.C. residents are about their football team.

Here we are in Washington, D.C., the most powerful city in the world, and sometimes it seems like life revolves around a football team.

Many of those I interviewed last week were heartily disappointed by the team’s performance against the hated Cowboys.

That week, before Mark Brunell’s near-perfect performance against the Texans, some were ready to replace the quarterback. One young man was intent on “killing” anybody wearing a Cowboys T-shirt.

The responses certainly ran the gamut, but no one I spoke with was ready to replace the coach. I saw, firsthand, what true loyalty to a team is.

“Everything goes in cycles. They’ll rebound,” said one fan, true burgundy and gold, through and through.

Ruth Lang is a communications arts junior at Malone College.



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