- The Washington Times - Monday, September 4, 2006

Today was one of those days at Redskin Park that leaves writers scratching their heads. During his press conference, Joe Gibbs announced his back up quarterback plan — and only in D.C. does a coach need to start a briefing with his thoughts on the BACK UP quarterback.

If Mark Brunell gets hurt in a game, Todd Collins goes in.

If Brunell can’t play the next week, Jason Campbell starts.

This opens several possibilities but these are the two main ones:

1. What happens if Collins relieves Brunell and plays well?

2. What happens if Brunell gets hurt in a Thursday or Friday practice?

In both cases, Collins would be the starter. First, if he plays well in relief, he would deserve a chance to start. Second, if Brunell gets injured late in a practice week, Collins is the more probable starter because of his experience.

Gibbs’ decision represents a major vote of confidence in Campbell. I think he should be the Opening Day 2007 starter.

The head-scratching part of this comes if one of the scenarios presents itself. Gibbs better be ready to get asked about the quarterback for an entire week.

If Brunell pulls a hamstring on a Sunday, there’s no chance he’ll be ruled out of next week’s game on a Monday. So that’s Day 1 of Gibbs having to talk about who starts.

If Brunell doesn’t practice on a Wednesday (the first work day of the NFL week), that’s Day 2 where Gibbs has to answer questions.

Gibbs doesn’t talk on Thursdays so Friday’s post-practice briefing will be Day 3 where he has to answer questions.

He’ll get real tired of that real fast.

The Redskins return to practice on Tuesday and we’ll check the injury status of several starters, including Messrs. Portis, Springs, Daniels and Griffin.



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