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‘Nonsense’ news

“I listen to [talk radio host Don] Imus many mornings — not always, but fairly regularly. Been doing so since the ‘70s.

“I’m not defending what he said — no one can.

“But, please. Enough. …

“There hasn’t been this kind of blanket coverage since the pope was on death-watch.

“It’s ridiculous. We have to listen to Rev. Al (Tawana Brawley) and Jesse (Hymie Town) Jackson lecture us on racism? Please. …

“Listening to all this Imus nonsense is … a bit comforting — must be a slow news cycle if this is what they’re in a feeding frenzy over today.

“Thank goodness nothing important is going on for them to report about — like, I don’t know — a war or something.”

— Tony Iovino, writing on “Don Imus,” Tuesday at https://redmindbluestate. blogspot.com

Now you know

“Here’s an example of a group that has virtually dictated the way newspapers and broadcast outlets cover issues involving homosexuality and other forms of sexual deviancy. It’s called the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

“Not only is the organization successful at working inside the media to ensure favorable coverage of homosexuals and their political agenda, it even persuades the corporate press barons to pay their freight. The Hearst Corp., Chicago Tribune, National Public Radio, Bloomberg, Knight-Ridder, the New York Times, Newsweek, NBC News, Time, ABC, CBS News, CNN, Fox News Network, Washington Post, Newsweek and Newsday are among the Big Media companies that lend financial support to this cause. The Ford Foundation, General Motors, Allstate, JetBlue, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Verizon and HBO are other major patrons.

“Have you ever opened up your local newspaper and wondered why there is so much coverage of homosexuals and issues of concern to homosexuals? Have you ever wondered why coverage of homosexuals and their cause is so universally positive?

“Now you know.”

— Joseph Farah, writing on “Time for some straight news,” Tuesday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Border debate

“The president visited the Mexican border again this week, in yet another vain attempt to ‘revive his stalled efforts to overhaul U.S. immigration laws.’ The substance of his comments was just warmed-up leftovers, couched in the same old phrases: ‘comprehensive immigration reform,’ ‘family values did not stop at the Rio Grande,’ ‘they’re doing jobs Americans are not doing’ … and so on.

“This isn’t going to work any better than his many previous attempts to relaunch the amnesty push. …

“All the plans being offered are the same in their two essential characteristics — they let the illegals stay and admit even more in the future. Everything else is just window dressing, and some of it pretty ugly window dressing.

“What immigration hawks actually want is steady, predictable, unapologetic enforcement of the laws, with an eye toward downsizing the illegal population through attrition. …

“The administration’s calculation that it can make amnesty and increased immigration palatable if only they are packaged with enough anti-immigrant measures is an insult to immigration hawks. Our response must be unequivocal: No Amnesty. No Guestworkers. Period.”

— Mark Krikorian, writing on “Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference,” Tuesday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

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