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Wasted money

“In its filings with the Federal Elections Commission, John Edwards’ campaign disclosed that the candidate received two $400 haircuts from a Beverly Hills stylist this year. What do you get for a $400 haircut?

“A house call, for one thing. The stylist who cut Edwards’ hair, Joseph Torrenueva, normally charges $150 when men come to his salon, Torrenueva Hair Designs. But he traveled to meet Edwards at another location, and charged extra for the inconvenience. (Other stylists at the same salon charge as little as $60 or $75 for a trim.) Torrenueva told the Associated Press that he and Edwards are longtime friends, and that he usually goes to Edwards, rather than vice versa. …

“So, was Edwards’ luxury cut worth it? Probably not. Experts say his hairstyle — a straightforward, boyish part — is pretty easy to achieve without all the extra preening. That said, for someone who really cares about his hair, a little extra money guarantees a good result.”

— Christopher Beam, writing on “The $400 Haircut” on Wednesday at Slate

No fixing

“The Virginia Tech massacre has delivered unto us piles of bodies, one genuine and tragic hero (we may learn of more), too many immediate critics and poseurs, and the usual media orgy that begins with a stupid, self-indulgent question and will continue until every possible position and technique has been tried. …

“The simple truth is that despite what the world via your television is saying to you right now … there is no solution to the problem of human unpredictability. There is no ‘fixing’ this so that it never happens again; it will.

“Auschwitz happened. Stalinist slaughter happened. The Killing Fields happened. Sarajevo happened. Somalia happened. Columbine happened. 9/11 happened. The murder of Amish School children happened. This has happened. Something else will happen in the future, and everyone will be shocked and horrified and say ‘who is to blame, where may we direct our helplessness into productive or self-righteous rage, and what’s my cut of the lawsuit?’ ”

— Blogger “The Anchoress,” writing on “I’ve Run the Columbine Scenario …” on Tuesday at https:// theanchoressonline.com

Play with fire

“There was good cause for celebration when prosecutors dropped all charges against three former Duke University lacrosse players accused of sexually assaulting a stripper at a party. Our justice system works. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper rightly said the athletes were victims of a ‘tragic rush to accuse’ by a zealous district attorney. Amidst the celebration, however, we were also reminded of the fact that good looks, intelligence, athletic performance and wealth do not produce moral virtue.

” ‘Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?’ This proverb may explain why many of us op-ed pundits were so quick to assume the worst. When you invite strippers to a drunken party you are begging for trouble. The Duke University lacrosse team was burned by much of the public and the three lacrosse players received a special burning by district attorney Mike Nifong.

“What would have happened if the Duke Lacrosse team had been the kind of men who were not fans of drunkenness or the dehumanization of women? Perhaps we would be talking about their last season as national champions.”

— Anthony B. Bradley, writing on “The Duke Case in Review: Justice Prevails, Virtue Interprets” on Wednesday at the Acton Institute commentary section.

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