- The Washington Times - Saturday, April 28, 2007

What is it about the Redskins and taking defensive backs in the first round of the draft? It happened again today for the third time in four years since Joe Gibbs’ return to the team when they selected LSU safety LaRon Landry at No. 6.

He joins Sean Taylor (2004) and Carlos Rogers (2005) as top-10 picks in the secondary.

But does this pick really make sense?

Not really.

First, when Brady Quinn dropped to sixth, the Redskins should have tried to trade out of the spot even if they didn’t get fair point value. If the Dolphins offered their first- and second-round picks, the Redskins should have accepted.

Second, don’t the Redskins have greater needs than a safety who has trouble catching the football? They already have one of those on the roster (Taylor) along with a corner who has trouble securing the ball (Rogers).

They should have gone with Okoye or traded down to take Arkansas DE Jamaal Anderson.



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