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Three cheers for The Washington Times’ March 24 “Nobles and Knaves” editorial. The Noble: “The French court that upheld the ideals of free speech over political correctness” in the acquittal of Philippe Val, who was facing a six-month prison sentence and $30,000 in fines for printing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.” The Knave: “The Iraqi insurgents who used children as decoys in a car bombing, murdering them.” This is not news to be ignored. The truth must be told.

Similarly, Israeli Knesset member Arieh Eldad has reported on another aspect of the insurgency issue: “Three Israeli Arabs were captured by U.S. Army forces fighting with al Qaeda in counterterrorism operations in Baghdad.” But Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice make a big mistake when they don’t say anything about what some Palestinians are doing in Iraq and ignore the Israeli Arab citizens’ disloyalty problem.

I think a report about the exploitation of Arab children for political purposes — how terrorists used them as decoys to bypass a checkpoint, then “jumped out of the car and ran away as the bomb detonated, killing the two children” is definitely newsworthy. Americans need to understand to what extent an Arab “Palestinian” terrorist in Israel or elsewhere will go in the name of Jihad. And they need to know that — contrary to the oft-repeated mantras — Jews are not occupying Gaza or any of the towns Israel turned over to Arabs for the so-called “Land for Peace.”

Israel needs a modern-day Moses, a religious Zionist leader with a strong connection to G-d and someone who advocates G-d’s Ten Commandments — something, unfortunately, that the secular leaders in Israel today have strayed from.

Britain, America and Europe need a Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan or Winston Churchill; and India and Lebanon need leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Kahlil Gibran. But these kinds of leaders seem long gone. Where did we go wrong? President Bush has been strong in his stand for victory in Iraq, but his anemic stand against illegal immigration at home is self-defeating.

The Palestinians need a Lebanese-born leader like Joseph Farah or an Arab-born Walid Shoebat. Both men were born in the Middle East and had the courage to examine the morality of the Jihad teachings they were indoctrinated with as children. They sought inner reflection, humble self-examination and had the moral courage to free themselves from such evil enslavement.

Another vital lesson from the “Noble and Knave” editorial that most of our media fail to report is that if the insurgents are willing to even blow up their own children in their efforts to kill Jews, moderate Iraqis, Buddhists, Hindus, black African Christians and U.S. soldiers in Iraq, then we can imagine what they would do to Israelis and Americans with the help of Iran, Russia, al Qaeda, Hamas, Syria and yes, even Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This alone should be priority news topic discussion.

Why don’t the mainstream media tell Americans Saudi Arabia has been paying for the Wahhabist sect teaching materials for Islamic mosques in the Middle East, as well as for mosques here in the United States? These are the teachings that advocate Jihad against all “infidels,” including American Christians and moderate Muslims.

The Egyptian Brotherhood (“Ikhwam” sect), the Russians and Syrians have been helping smuggle weapons into Gaza, and selling missiles and other weapons to Iran for use against the Israelis and against Americans in Iraq. Also, money flows from the Saudis, the European Union and the United Nations, ironically, indirectly funded by the United States, and reaches “Palestinians” loyal to Hamas. Why no discussion about this on “Meet the Press?”

It’s time for our TV news producers and anchors to be held as accountable for sedition and possibly bribery and discrimination as any corporation, clergy or politician. When news organizations do not report this information, it’s a form of aiding and abetting our enemies and misleading the American people to justify and embolden terrorism. That’s anti-American, unprofessional and borders on treason.

During this Passover season, I propose an addition to the Passover slogan: “Let My people go.” Jews in Israel, America and Europe, should include a modern slogan: “Let My people know,” that is, let our people know the whole truth in honest and objective reporting about the real objectives of the “Palestinians” and the real intentions of the modern-day Saudi Pharaoh’s hardened heart against Israel’s rights to self-determination and existence. Our sages teach “Mercy and truth preserve the King; And his throne is upheld by mercy.” (Proverbs 20:28).

The Saudi King and his admirers seem to have no respect for truth or mercy for the Jewish people’s plight. Jewish biblical landmarks have been taken over or destroyed by Arabs. There is no respect for Judaism. So how can there ever be a “Palestinian” free, democratic state that has no tolerance for other people’s religion?

When will we ever start taking the G-d of Israel and His prophets seriously? Spirit of Moses, where are you? We need you now big-time to liberate our people from terrorism and the enslavement of liberalism by some of our misled Israeli leaders and other world leaders. If you can’t make it, can you please ask “Hashem” [many Jewish people call God “Hashem”, Hebrew for “the Name”] to send the Messiah now.



Peace Through Torah Truth, Inc.

Owings Mills, Md.

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