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‘A Gaia-send’

“[F]or quite a few people, environmentalism has become a matter of not just ideology but quasi-religious zealotry.

“Mark Kleiman, a professor of public policy studies at UCLA and a self-identified liberal, noted this recently … ‘To those who dislike a social system based on high and growing consumption and the economic activity that supports high and growing consumption and maintains high and growing demand … to those who think that the market needs more regulation by the state, to those who think that international institutions ought to be strengthened … global warming is a Gaia-send’ — since it justifies drastic worldwide public action to curb production and consumption. (Gaia, the ancient Greek goddess of the earth, is a term used by many ecologists to refer to the earth as a living entity.) While Kleiman sympathizes with environmentalists, he notes that ‘their eagerness to believe the worst’ — for instance, in Al Gore’s documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ — ‘is just as evident as the right wing’s denialism.’ ”

— Cathy Young, writing on “Common Sense in the Warming Debate,” Monday in the Boston Globe

‘The real victims’

“There are approximately 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States. This staggering statistic, rarely mentioned by the media, was revealed in a study by Deborah Schurman-Kauflin of the Violent Crimes Institute in Atlanta. …

“Since 1999 there have been nearly one million victims of rape, child molestation, sexual homicides, and rape and molestation of handicapped children by illegal immigrants here in the U.S. Remember this fact the next time the media try to tell you about the victims of U.S. immigration policy and border security.

“It’s not the ‘undocumented workers’ who are the victims of our immigration policy, it is the … Americans being raped at the hands of illegal immigrants who are the real victims.”

— Andy Selepak, writing on “Illegal Alien Sex Fiends,” Tuesday at www.Family SecurityMatters.org

Mommy wars

“Senator Barbara Boxer has overtaken Rosie O’Donnell as the ‘Queen of Mean.’ During a Senate hearing [Jan. 11], she scolded Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for supposedly not understanding the human toll the Iraq war is exacting because she has no children. Arch-feminist Boxer all but accused Rice, whom she had vehemently opposed when Rice was first nominated for the top diplomatic cabinet position, of making life and death decisions with reckless indifference to other families’ tragic losses: ‘You’re not going to pay a particular price, as I understand it, with an immediate family.’ …

“Cindy Sheehan gets a free pass to spout off whatever anti-American drivel she chooses for as long as she chooses because she lost a son in the war, while Secretary of State Rice is barred from providing her honest input about the war to the president whom she is serving. … Taken to its logical extreme, our whole system of representative government would crumble, because our government officials would not be able to make decisions on behalf of the American people unless they always bear the direct personal impact of those decisions. For example, why should any elected officials who send their children to private school be able to vote on the voucher system for public education?”

— Joseph Klein, writing on “Barbara Boxer Discovers Family Values,” Wednesday in Front Page at www.front pagemag.com

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