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It is not historic irony but routine hypocrisy that the Democrats and their media spokesmen glorify Republican presidents after they die, just as they heaped mountains of unwarranted vitriol upon them while they held office. (See Michael Barone’s column, Jan. 3.)

They loudly applauded Gerald Ford in death for his life of “moderation” and “decency” (implicitly contrasting those qualities with Bush’s “arrogance and extremism”). Tom Brokaw of anti-Republican NBC fame actually delivered a Ford eulogy; Douglas Brinkley, the Democrats’ favorite “historian” (sic) and John Kerry hagiographer, glowingly praised Ford on Fox News.

The media and their public relations client, the Democratic Party, did the same flip (think dance, and, then, move and sing to a disco beat, “Do the hypocrite, do the hypocrite”) after Ronald Reagan’s death.

It is abundantly clear to these trenchant partisans that adulation of the publicly well-regarded dead whom they hated, vilified and crucified while they lived, sells copy and falsely enhances one’s reputation for fairness. (It is “fair,” the public must perforce conclude, if the Democrats and the media inexcusably, invariably, irrationally condemn a president while he lives so long as they uniformly praise him posthumously.) Hence, Mr. Bush has reason to hope that by dying he will obtain, at last, the plaudits of his poisonous enemies.

This obscene media/political dance, the “hypocrite flip,” is arrhythmically performed, as well, on matters of the life and death of prenatal infants, where the left preaches the great virtue of protecting and nurturing children yet applauds infanticide as but a spirited expression of maternal liberty. Democrats, “Follywood” and the major television networks and newspapers raucously support the needless destruction of tens of millions of children whose self-obsessed mothers want, for the moment, to abandon their babies but, in need of immediate gratification, are unwilling to delay doing so.

Thus, in lieu of a stay of execution and a reprieve, a slight delay of a few months, a few weeks, or even a few days, that mere respite of time necessary for the prenatal child to survive outside her accursed mother’s body, Mom lets a contract on her baby and orders that the infant be professionally murdered by a doctor.

This obscene hypocrisy is startlingly illustrated in the just released Follywood production, “Children of Men,” in which the people of planet Earth face imminent extinction because for 18 years women have been unable to conceive and have babies. Yet, the discovery in Africa of the planet’s sole remaining (mysteriously) pregnant woman offers hope of averting ultimate disaster by regenerating the life cycle.

The promotional television commercial for “Children of Men” shows this pregnant woman and poses the question, “What if the most precious resource in the world was our only hope?” One movie review calls the film “a meditation on the miracle of life.”

What? A prenatal infant “our most precious resource?” Follywood meditating “on the miracle of life?” The answer to death is life? George W. Bush hasn’t even died yet, and the Left is warming to him.


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