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Babs sings “Hello, Dolly!”

Maryland’s own Sen. Barbara Mikulski hammed it up on the Senate floor a few minutes ago when introducing her bill to require cloned food be labeled in stores and restaurants.

She got this Fishwrapper’s attention when she stood at her desk with a giant photo of Dolly, the cloned sheep.

“Hello, dolly!” she said, in an almost sing-song voice. “You’ve been approved for our food supply.”

She lamented that the American people don’t want to eat “Dollyburgers,” and worked in a “bah, bah, bah” scolding of the FDA.

“I say, goodbye Dolly!”

— Christina Bellantoni, Capitol Hill correspondent, The Washington Times

Biden’s 2008 prognosis

“It’s clear that not all of us are going to be standing after South Carolina,” said Sen. Joe Biden on the crowded field vying for the Democratic presidential nomination. Biden, in formally announcing his candidacy today, said the first four 2008 contests - primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina and caucuses in Iowa and Nevada - will weed out the non-serious candidates.

— Christina Bellantoni, Capitol Hill correspondent, The Washington Times


“You are really something else,” said Democratic Appropriations Chairman David Obey of Wisconsin to Republicans complaining about the new majority’s budget process. “Don’t blame us for your screw-ups.”

— Christina Bellantoni, Capitol Hill correspondent, The Washington Times

“I got arrested in Hillary’s office and all I got was this lousy press release!”

An interesting press release waiting in the inbox this a.m.:






CODEPINK: Women for Peace asked Sen. Clinton to be the role model they’ve been waiting for — one for peace

6 women were arrested at Senator Clinton’s office Tuesday morning. The women, accompanied by 50 other members of CODEPINK, stood outside of Clinton’s office to ask her to stop supporting funding for the war.

The group was holding banners that bared slogans such as, “Hillary: Be a Woman for Peace” and “It takes an Invasion to Raze a Village.” The 6 women were all wearing pink slips with the words “No More $$ for War”, “Cut the Funding” and “Troops Out Now.” The entire group then entered Clinton’s office and effectively wove a web of pink yarn and ribbons to symbolize Clinton’s web of lies. Back in 2003, CODEPINK gave Clinton a pink slip symbolizing their disappointment after she voted to support Bush and the invasion into Iraq.

Those arrested were: Sonia Silbert, 26 of DC, Rae Abileah, 24 of Oakland, Samantha Miller, 21 of Los Angeles, Heather Box, 25 of San Francisco, Sandee Scott, 52 of Monterey, CA and Leslie Angeline, 50 of San Francisco. Sonia Silbert, captured the sentiment when she said, “As young women we’ve been inspired by the powerful women who have paved the way and we’ve all been waiting to vote for a woman for president. But we want a woman who stands for values we can be proud of: the values of peace and justice, and healthcare not warfare.”

CODEPINK has been calling on Hillary to take a clear anti-war position for years. The group started a Listen Hillary campaign, tracking her statements and bird-dogging her as she makes appearances throughout the country. Though she was not in her office today, the statement was made that women (of all ages) are ready for a woman president just not one who supports war.

— David Eldridge, managing editor, washingtontimes.com

Know your senator

Staffers at the Senate’s luxurious (ha, ha) food stands want to make sure they know the newest members, so they’ve posted cheat sheets next to the cash registers.

The posters show the names and photos of the 10 newbies.

When asked about the flyer, one Fishwrap tipster noted they hadn’t seen any of the freshmen (or women) ordering grilled cheese since their swearing in.

Staffers are told that Senators get to move to the front of the line, hence the need to recognize them. Inquiring about lunch line treatment, this Fishwrapper heard something quite funny about Sen. John Warner, Virginia Republican who at 79 is about as far from being a freshman as he could possibly be.

Word has it that when Warner wants his Senate Bean Soup, he gets it - literally.

A birdie told us that Warner will bypass the staff and head straight for the cafeteria kitchen to get his own soup, “just like he was at home!” the tipster exclaimed.

— Christina Bellantoni, Capitol Hill correspondent, The Washington Times

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