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‘You say yes …’

“The Beatles titan recently claimed, allegedly during a talk with friend and self-proclaimed ‘king of bitter divorces’ Alec Baldwin … that he has grown physically sick from the latest charges by his estranged wife in their divorce proceedings. … But, let us revisit for a moment one of the more interesting charges leveled by Heather against Paul, shall we? Let us return to the drugs. …

“In the recent divorce case between Paul and his anti-land-mine activist soon-to-be ex-wife Heather Mills McCartney, Heather filed a court statement, according to the British tabloid press, stating that McCartney had attacked her with a broken wine glass, and that he used illegal drugs and drank to excess. …

“Let’s give Sir Paul the last word, from his as-told-to 1997 biography ‘Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now,’ co-written with Barry Miles: … ‘In today’s climate, I hate to talk about drugs because it’s not the same. … I think the ‘just say no’ mentality is so crazed. … I really can’t believe it’s 30 years since the ‘60s. I find it staggering. It’s like the future … the ‘60s to me, it hasn’t happened. I feel like the ‘60s are about to arrive. And we’re in some sort of time warp and it’s still going to happen.’ ”

— From “Paul McCartney On Drugs,” Jan. 3 at www.10zenmonkeys.com

Dumb rules

“In their never-ending effort to ‘help’ homeschoolers, public school bureaucrats periodically try to increase homeschooling regulations. This makes K-12 education perhaps a unique endeavor: it’s a field in which the failures regularly, and astonishingly, insist that they should be able to regulate the successful.

“Never mind that homeschoolers consistently outperform children institutionalized in government schools or that the longer a child is institutionalized in a government school the worse he does in relation to homeschooled children. Never mind, also, that international surveys of academic performance show that in the course of 12 years government schools manage to turn perfectly capable children into world-class dullards. No, the same education bureaucrats who consume an annual cash flow of roughly $600 billion to achieve previously unknown levels of semi-literacy and illiteracy among otherwise normal American children feel compelled from time to time to abandon their diligent pursuit of intellectual mediocrity to offer proposals for regulating homeschool parents.”

— Bruce N. Shortt, writing on “Homeschool regulation: The revenge of the failures,” Thursday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com


“Like the ghost of Hamlet’s father haunting Elsinore Castle, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan appeared at the Capitol … to send the new Democratic leaders a clear message: Remember me.

” ‘Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic leadership can no longer tell us what is on the table,’ Sheehan said on Wednesday, after commandeering a set of microphones from Democratic Rep. Rahm Emanuel. ‘We are the ones that put them in power and they are not including the peace movement.’

“Although the incident was a just a footnote to [the] coronation of Nancy Pelosi as the new speaker of the House, it is an indication of the tenuous position the new Democratic majority finds itself in. Democrats want to compile a set of accomplishments and shun the more radical elements of their party to demonstrate to voters that they can be trusted to govern responsibly, but by doing so they risk alienating the vehemently anti-war base of their party who helped put them in power.”

— Philip Klein, writing on “I Paid for This Microphone, Mr. Emanuel,” Friday in the American Spectator Online at www. spectator.org

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