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Armed men storm local press agency

GAZA CITY — Gunmen stormed the offices of a Palestinian press agency in Gaza City yesterday, seizing its equipment, employees said.

The militants, some of them masked, burst into the offices of Palmedia, opening fire before making off with a computer and television-editing equipment, they said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, which caused no injuries.


7 rebels surrender in refugee camp

TRIPOLI — Seven al Qaeda-inspired guerrillas surrendered yesterday to a secular Palestinian faction at a besieged refugee camp in northern Lebanon, offering the first tangible sign that moderate Palestinians might be moving against the militants.

But others in the extremist group Fatah Islam continued to fight, and Lebanese government troops battered their hide-outs in the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp for a fifth straight day. Clouds of smoke billowed over the camp as artillery shells exploded on militant positions.


UNICEF needs cash for Palestinians

GENEVA — The United Nations children’s agency yesterday said it needs $25.8 million to meet the immediate needs of Palestinian women and children battered by poverty, unrest and 40 years of occupation.

“Midway into 2007, the outlook for Palestinian children is bleak. Security conditions in Gaza are at an all time low,” UNICEF said.

At least 20 children have died in internal fighting between militants from the rival Fatah and Islamist Hamas movements since the beginning of the year, it added.

About two-thirds of all households in the Occupied Palestinian Territories now fall below the poverty threshold, while eight out of 10 Gazan families cannot meet their daily food needs without help, UNICEF said in a donor update.


Occupation of Gaza protested by Jews

TEL AVIV — “Forty years is enough,” Israeli peace activists urged yesterday as they staged rallies demanding an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land since the 1967 Six-Day War.

The demonstrations coincided with the anniversary of the first day of the 1967 war that reshaped the Middle East.

In Tel Aviv, an estimated 300 people gathered for a protest in which organizers erected a duplicate of a checkpoint to show Israelis the “reality” of the occupied West Bank, dotted by more than 500 such roadblocks that impede freedom of movement and spur resentment.

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