- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dwight Chamberlain, 68, crow authority

SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (AP) — Dwight R. Chamberlain, a conservationist considered one of the nation’s leading authorities on crows and ravens, died March 10. He was 68.

Mr. Chamberlain grew up in New York and lived in Virginia for many years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology at Washington and Lee University and a master’s degree in wildlife management at Virginia Tech. His master’s thesis identified 11 crow calls, all of which he could imitate.

By his mid-30s, Mr. Chamberlain was such an authority on the birds that he appeared as the nation’s “foremost authority on crows” on the television show “To Tell the Truth” in 1977.

He also appeared on the children’s TV show “Captain Kangaroo” with his pet raven, Rolph, which he had trained to say “Come here” and “Hi, Rolph.”

Mr. Chamberlain moved to southern Indiana in 1977 and became a naturalist at Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge. He also taught biology at Hanover College. Over the years, his expertise in mimicking bird calls earned him numerous crow-calling and owl-calling titles.



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