- The Washington Times - Friday, March 30, 2007

By Rachel Weaver, age 7

Greenbriar East Elementary School, Fairfax

I went to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Patriot Center in Fairfax. I also got to meet a star.

His name is Ruirui Zhu. He is from China, and he is 16 years old. He has been performing for four years. He does 200 to 300 performances a year. Ruirui’s favorite part of the show to perform is the hat show. The hat show is when lots of men juggle yellow hats and do tricks.

My favorite part of the circus was when Herkules, the circus strong man, got run over with a Jeep. The Jeep ran right over his stomach. He was straining so it wouldn’t hurt, but good thing he was lying on a pillow. He also caught a cannonball that was shot out of a cannon. He also pulled an elephant with his own bare hands.

The clowns were hilarious. They had a food fight. They said it was the world’s biggest food fight, with fish, pies, spoons, tomatoes, carrots, shrimp, lobster, bread and a huge pie.

There also were acrobats swinging in a big swing, where one man would jump up through a hoop and then the other acrobats would catch him while they were hanging from a trapeze. Could you do that?

The first guy caught the second guy; the second guy caught the third guy; and the third guy caught the fourth guy until they were all hanging onto the trapeze.

Also, there was a lady acrobat in a hoop, and then she switched to the trapeze by jumping to it. Next to her were ladies on ribbons, high up in the air, doing splits and jumps.

After that, the elephants came out and did the cha-cha. Then they spun around. They even held hoops so the clowns could jump through the hoops. When the ringmaster said the elephants’ names, one of the elephants even stood on its head.

Then the clowns came back out in a bunch of funny cars. There was a clown dressed up like the singer Elvis in a little golden car.

There also was a man who walked on the ceiling by using loops of wire.

I also saw white tigers that did tricks and people who drove motorcycles inside a big metal ball. They were incredible. There were performers who did tricks on horses, too.

Now I know why they call this circus “the Greatest Show on Earth”: because there was even pie throwing. I loved it. Check out its cool Web site at ringling.com.

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