- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 4, 2007

Washington Wizardscoach Eddie Jordan always likes to cool the sizzle attached to the names of young players once they get to training camp.

Last season he downplayed second-year player Andray Blatche’s impressive performances in summer league games, and he did the same thing yesterday when asked about the performance of rookies Nick Young and Dominic McGuire.

“They look like rookies,” a laughing Jordan said. “Mistakes, turnovers. We’re talking, and there’s just a lot to basketball that they don’t know. How to screen. Weak-side defense. How to be patient on one side of the offense. Timing, angles and spacing — it all seems to be very new to them. Not that they haven’t had good coaching — they have. But it’s all new to them at this point.”

Blast from the past

Yesterday the Wizards got a visit from former assistant coach Tom Young, who looked happy to be at camp.

“I am,” said Young, who retired over the summer and was replaced by Randy Ayers. “It feels a little different not being involved. But it’s good to get down here.”

Trimming the offense

Jordan is cutting back on the offense this season — something he thinks will help the team in the long run.

“There is not going to be as much motion, although we still have what we had over the last few years. We’re going to stay with that until we get comfortable with some of the new stuff we have added.

Jordan said that the Wizards’ version of the Princeton offense is now a hybrid.

“I’m trying to gear it to our personnel,” Jordan said. “I’ve always said that the Princeton offense teaches [that] you have to help your teammates, how to cut, [screening] and angles. And we understand that for the most part. So now we’re slimming it down and making it work best for our personnel.”



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