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I agree with Peter Velis (Sept. 30 Forum, “Another botched opportunity”) that by inviting Soviet dictator Nikita Khruschchev to this country America was able to change Khruschchev’s threat to “bury” us and start a process that finally led to collapse of the Soviet empire. But we now have an entirely different kind of enemy that calls not only for wiping Israel off the map but for incinerating the United States. That enemy already had its trial run in New York City on September 11, 2001.

This new enemy is not the same as Nikita Khruschchev. Why? There is a big difference between Osama bin Laden or a leader like Iranian President Malmoud Ahmadinejad, president of an extremist nation dominated by an Islamic death cult vs. an atheistic Soviet regime. One advocates genocide toward all those they perceive as religious infidels (Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.). The atheistic leaders like Nikita Khruschchev or Ho Chi Minh have no respect for G-d in any form.

It was easier for American politicians or religious leaders such as Billy Graham, and/or observant rabbis like Rabbi Avi Weiss to go to the Soviet Union and smuggle in Bibles and try to help their respective people know another and better way of life by learning about a Higher Spiritual Godly Authority that teaches compassion, tolerance, kindness and forgiveness, a learning to which they had been denied access. It is much easier to convert an atheist thirsty for freedom and spirituality than to convert an fanatic Hitler-like Islamist Fascist, bent on genocide and murderous acts against anyone who disagrees with him. This is the kind of enemy and culture we face today, uncompromising and possessed of a callous disregard for the value of human life that is not of the Muslim persuasion.

When the United States and the United Nations gave the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat the red carpet treatment and a chance to speak at the U.N., a man with blood on his hands was invited to the United States and treated like a dignified statesman. The day the United States and Israel sat down to talk with their enemy on the White House lawn set the misplaced precedent for all that followed.

Those who were determined to convert Arafat into a democratic leader were in for a big surprise and unfortunately still refuse to open their eyes to the truth. The problem is not the economy or the poor desperate Arabs in refugee camps or the need to invest in Palestine Authority infrastructure. Been there, done that.

The terrorists involved in the September 11, 2001, attacks on America and other more recent attacks and foiled plots reportedly came largely from affluent homes and included college graduates, engineers, professors and doctors, not oppressed poor refugees. Their Whabbi religion of hate, that we fail to seriously debate, is the cause of their animosity towards us.

Our country together with the United Nations, the European Union and other supporters of the so-called “Peace Accords” gave billions of dollars to the “Palestinian” cause. And what do Israel and the U.S. have to show for all this investment of time and compassion based on monetary aid, scholarships, jobs, employment training, and the release of thousands of Arab prisoners, not to mention concession of land and many other good-will gestures? Did Arafat reform? Did his first deputy, Mahmoud Abbas, head of Fatah”s al Aqsa Martyr”s Brigade, change?

Is the Middle East more peaceful and safer as a result of the latest Israeli talks and land capitulations? Is America, Europe, India and/or the Muslim African countries with Christian, Hindu or Buddhist citizens, safer today because we sat down to have negotiations with the intolerant Wahabbi Muslim enemy? What is the true results of our so-called common-sense approach based of investing money to help our enemies and based on the “Golden Rule” and freedom of speech?

The liberals in our universities and at the United Nations advocate anti-American messages at a time when we are at war and our soldiers are in harm’s way.

The result: Israel is still dodging rockets and suicide bombing attempts and their children are spending more time in underground shelters then they did 10 years ago. America, England, France, Spain, India, Bali, etc., remain possibly plagued more than ever by Islamic attacks on their civilians. There is stone throwing, gunfire from snipers with automatic rifles, suicide bombers and daily missile attacks and now a possible Iranian nuclear attack against Israel. For America, another terrorist attempt to incinerate our civilians in their work place is not out of the realm of the possible in light of recent foiled plots.

This is a defining moment in American history in which we must redefine who we are as Americans. Will we be proud American nationalists who stand up for our own national flag, national anthem, national “Pledge of Allegiance,” national borders, rule of law (Constitution) and ideals based on our national English language and our Judaic-Christian moral, ethical and cultural values based on the Ten Commandments and religions based on loving kindness, forgiveness, tolerance and compassion? Or will be American globalists, socialists and/or Marxists defending terrorists in the name of ultraliberalism and multiculturalism and thereby compromise our uniqueness?

Will we allow our country to blend in with all those anti-Americans and/or illegal immigrants who come to break our laws and undermine our country”s economy, safety, sovereignty, hospital services, college tuition systems and bypass our Constitution, borders and equal human rights based on “One nation under God with liberty and justice for all”? Or will it be one nation under radical Islam that advocates hatred and murder of all non-Muslims? Will our nation be based on those who seek ritual Muslim footbaths in our public schools before saying their Islamic prayers but forbid native-born Americans of other faiths to prayerfully acknowledging G-d in public schools. Will our Constitution provide for separation of church and state but not separation of mosque and state?

When a Saudi sheikh can sue an American writer like Rachel Ehrenfeld and threaten her freedom of speech because she wrote a book titled “Funding Evil” charging Saudis with aiding and abetting al Qaeda and Hamas, we Americans are in great danger of losing our precious freedom. Expect book burnings next.

The American writer Miss Ehrenfeld is standing up not only for her own First Amendment right to freedom of speech: The Saudis and people like Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad don”t want you to know what she reveals in her book “Funding Evil.” American corporations, politicians and mainstream media possibly on the Saudi payroll don”t want her to speak at the United Nations either.

Does Mr. Velis think Miss Ehrenfeld — like the Iranian president and Arafat, and Nikita Khruschchev — will be invited to speak to U.N. delegates about her book? Until she is given the same open forum the above dictators were given, Americans will continue to be brainwashed by those who have the petrol dollars to influence and use the U.N. to mock and dictate to us how we should run our own country.

Will we be “A nation of the people, for the people and by the people”? Or will we be a nation of the politicians by the politicians and for the politicians’ agendas?

Will we sell out our country to the biggest foreign Chinese or Saudi investor or demand an accounting of closed-door meetings where some of our congressional and State Department leaders reportedly have been selling out America for millions of Saudi dollars in investments in our universities, hospitals, media, corporations, banks, toll highways, sea treaty, ports, or anything else they please?

The defining moment will come when we the American people wake up and make our own voices heard, bring our political leaders to account and take our country back, defend our First Amendment rights to equal freedom of speech and demand our land, borders, culture, heritage and institutions be secured intact. Otherwise, we will end up as the United States of Arabia. This will result from ignoring the Saudi petrodollars and Wahabbi Islamic teachings that will creep into our system and culture so far we will no longer be who once were but become a slave to our investors. They will bury us if we don”t make sure their evil empire collapses just like the that of Soviets.

The choice is ours. Do we choose life or death? Life, if we value our own national spiritual heritage and death, if we don”t. I sure hope this is not “another botched opportunity” that America and Israel will fail to recognize. This time we have far too much to lose if we are complacent.

“Teach me O L-rd, Thy way, that I may walk in Thy truth” (Psalms:86-11). Let”s hope these American truths are based on a G-d of kindness and mutual respect and compassion, not on blindness and mindless fatal attractions.


President Peace Through Torah Truth Inc.

Owings Mills, Md.

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