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By Samantha Lee, age 9

Luxmanor Elementary School, RockvilleHi. My name is Samantha Lee. I am 9 years old. I am writing a review of “History Dudes: Ancient Egyptians,” written by Laura Buller and Rich Cando.

The text is about the history of the early Egyptian people and the daily routines that they followed, including teaching, hunting, working for their houses and many more.

The most important part of the book is learning how the Egyptians worked on their homes. It was fun to learn about how they had to make bricks out of mud and put hay on the roof to protect the house from water and how they rubbed stones against wheat to make flour and the father had to gather food for the family.

Another important thing is the clothing because if you don’t have any clothing, you will be naked working or doing anything, and that would be pretty embarrassing. The men would wear kilts, wigs, jewelry, tunics, sandals and animal skin. The women would wear tunics, jewelry, wigs, sandals and collars. They would groom and fan themselves.

My favorite parts are when a little child is supposed to draw something on a rock but instead he would take a pencil and draw something on someone’s bottom.

My next favorite part is when a person had a toothache and went to the doctor. The doctor put something in it to make it stop hurting, and the man asked the doctor whether anyone had invented a mouthwash yet.

My third favorite part is when some workers were painting the Pharaoh and they accidentally dropped an enormous can of paint on a worker’s head.

My last favorite part was when a father came back from gathering fruit and slipped on a rolling toy. He told his child, “If you don’t put away your toys, then I’m going to throw it down the Nile.”

I recommend this book to people who like to read and like any kinds of Egyptian books or information books. Anyone who likes comics also will find this book interesting because the format is very much like a comic book. I rate this book three stars.

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