- The Washington Times - Monday, September 24, 2007

Women’s work

“As I watched Sally Field‘s prime time Emmy rant to the effect that there’d be no wars if only women ran the world, I found myself wondering, ‘When was the last time you spent any time with a group of women?’ …

“As I thought more about Sally Field’s remarks, I realized that she’s typecasting women just like Betty Friedan stereotyped women in the suburbs of 1950s and ‘60s. …

“There would be no wars if there weren’t people who did bad things to other people. In some cases, war is a good thing because it means good people — good women and men — are standing up for themselves and for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

“Trivializing something as serious as war by suggesting that it’s all the fault of some icky boys is counter-effective to any substantial gains that women have made in the past century. It leaves us back in the elementary school playground with the boys and girls separating themselves and afraid of catching each other’s cooties.”

Pia de Solenni, writing on “If Mothers Ruled the World,” Friday in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

Global ‘garbage’

” ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ has become a cautionary maxim of the computer age, reminding us that bad data corrupts computer software and many other artifacts of modern technology. What then are we to make of global warming scientists who present us with temperature charts purporting to display changes in the global mean temperature for the last century-plus. Who was measuring global mean temperatures in the 1880s? …

“Fortunately for mankind there were pioneering weathermen in the 1800s almost exclusively in North America and Western Europe who were dedicated, skilled and successful scientists — the largely unsung heroes who founded meteorology. And the foundation they laid in the 19th century for the science of weather forecasting has paid off with vast benefits to humanity. Nonetheless, were there enough reliable data points collected in the 1880s to reliably calculate global mean temperature?”

Jerome J. Schmitt, writing on “One More Reason to Distrust Global Warming Predictions,” Thursday at AmericanThinker.com

Big questions

“To prepare for Gen. David Petraeus’s long-awaited testimony on Iraq to Congress … the liberal pressure group MoveOn.org wrote itself into the history books with an anti-Petraeus ad so repulsive it ranked with Lyndon Johnson’s infamous 1964 TV spot in the campaign against Barry Goldwater. …

“It’s time for Americans to ask some big questions. Do leading Democrats want America to win this war? Have they ever? …

“To leading Democrats such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Al Gore and John Edwards, America would be better off if (it) lost. …

“Appeasement, pacifism, globalism: Those are the Big Three principles of the Democratic left. … But they are unpopular (especially the first two) with the U.S. public, and so the Democrats rarely make their views plain. …

“Listen to what the Democrats are really saying. Consider what they actually want. And pray [to] God they never get it.”

David Gelernter, writing on “Defeat at Any Price,” in the Sept. 24 issue of the Weekly Standard

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