Friday, September 28, 2007

 The Rover has decided to boycott all nations with the poor form to produce coins valued at more than $1. Short of resorting to a purse, men do not have the capacity to transport such money. If a couple of quarters slip out of a pocket every week back in the United States, so what? But when it’s a Canadian $2 coin or heaven forbid a 2-pounds sterling coin, such leakage makes a man want to flog the nearest local. What’s wrong with the men in such nations? They should be picketing the mints.

 •Anybody enthused about adopting Canada’s universal health care system should spend a week getting pistol-whipped by its taxes. The combination of the provincial tax (8 percent), federal tax (6 percent) and alcohol excise tax (50 percent) results in one pint of Guinness in Montreal costing almost $10. Initially quoted the price of $9.60 at a local bar, a dumbstruck Rover responded: “Is that for a six-pack or a pitcher? Usually robbery requires a weapon.”

 A Quebecois who spit his English disdainfully at his American guests all night, the barkeep was not amused. Guess what? Neither is the Rover, pal.

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