- The Washington Times - Friday, September 28, 2007

Conservatives in the film industry are “coming out to play in this scary business” that still remains firmly in the grip of liberals, said Steve Finefrock, founder of the Hollywood Conservative Forum and veteran screenwriter.

“The talent is out there, but Hollywood conservatives keep to themselves,” Mr. Finefrock said Tuesday at the National Heritage Foundation.

“In terms of leadership, you need a thousand points of light, you need little platoons,” he said. “In Hollywood, what we’re looking for is people who have the money, can be a ‘Godfather’ and who understand the business. A lot of people have tried the business and are scared of it.”

Conservatives, Mr. Finefrock said, have already “penetrated … journals of opinion, think tanks, campaigns for college campuses, books and publishing, broadcast and commentary, and Internet blogs.”

Liberals don’t think of conservatives as a threat in Hollywood, Mr. Finefrock said, and the general perception of conservatives in the film industry is that they are not even a factor because they don’t have the talent and are not creative. He said financial backing may help make a difference.

“Money is the lubricant of commerce, the oil for the engine,” he said. “Without the oil to lubricate it, it freezes up. Of course you need talent, timing, and luck, but nothing can happen [in Hollywood] without money.”

Dubbing Hollywood the most entrepreneurial and Darwinian place on the planet, Mr. Finefrock said that conservatives remain vilified on-screen.

“Hollywood can make heroes out of anything,” Mr. Finefrock said, “There’s a movie about sharks. Sharks as heroes? ‘The Lion King’ is another example.”

Mr. Finefrock said Hollywood conservatives shouldn’t “keep their mouth shut” and suggested that there could be a chance for conservatives in the near future concerning where they go with film and entertainment.

“We are looking for leadership, financing, and a safe place to play,” he said, “Right now, we are a bunch of minnows swimming around in an ocean of whales. When the minnows get their teeth, it will be quite an interesting fight.”

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