- The Washington Times - Saturday, April 26, 2008

PARIS (AP) — He was tied this year to one of the largest securities scandals in history and faces charges ranging from forgery to unauthorized computer use, yet the former trader at French bank Societe Generale is once again gainfully employed.

Jerome Kerviel, who shook global financial markets when the bank revealed $7.14 billion in losses tied to what it says were unauthorized trades, has landed a new job as a computer consultant.

“Jerome is a young man who wants to work, and doesn’t want to remain inactive living on unemployment insurance — or whatever,” said Mr. Kerviel’s spokesman, Christophe Reille.

Mr. Kerviel, 32, released from prison last month, is working for LCA computer consultancy in the Paris suburb of Levallois, hired by the same man who hid him from reporters after Societe Generale said the former trader held unauthorized positions of more than $73 billion.



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