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Shooting sparks Montreal riot

MONTREAL | Rioting broke out late Sunday in a Montreal neighborhood where police fatally shot a young man over the weekend. A police officer was shot in the leg, stores were looted, and firefighters were pelted with beer bottles.

Several hundred officers in riot gear fanned out in search of a group of youths who ran off after torching eight cars parked outside a fire station in Montreal North, a multiethnic neighborhood with simmering tensions between residents and police. Firetrucks responding to the call in Montreal North were pelted with beer bottles, and at least three bus shelters were trashed.

The violence erupted after a peaceful community protest of the Saturday police shooting of three people, including an 18-year-old man, identified by his sister as Freddy Alberto Villanueva, who died of his wounds.

On Sunday, men and women of all ages crawled through the smashed windows of a pawnshop, a convenience store and a butcher shop, grabbing anything they could. They ran down the street clutching televisions, cigarette cartons and slabs of meat.

Quebec provincial police have taken over the investigation into the shootings Saturday that sparked the riots.

City police said the officers were trying to arrest a person in Henri Bourassa Park about 7 p.m. when they were surrounded by a group of about 20 youths.

A few people reportedly broke away from the group and rushed the officers.


700-pound man takes rare outing

MONTERREY | A 700-pound man once considered the world’s most obese person left his home for the first time in five months Sunday with the aid of a forklift and a platform truck.

Manuel Uribe traveled to the shore of a lake in northern Mexico without leaving his specially designed bed. A forklift hoisted the bed onto the truck, which then hauled him to the lake, where he snacked on fish and vegetables and joked with a local boat operator.

Looking at the boatman’s small craft, Mr. Uribe joked, “Too bad I can’t get on it - it would sink.”

Once considered the world’s fattest man, Mr. Uribe dropped to about 700 pounds as of June - 550 pounds less than his former Guinness record weight of 1,235 pounds - after more than two years of steady dieting. He did not say what his current weight is.

Mr. Uribe appeared to enjoy Sunday’s outing despite the summer heat. He is unable to walk, and his last planned outing in March was aborted after the platform carrying his bed got stuck under an overpass.

His last successful trip outside his home was in March 2007, when six people pushed Mr. Uribe’s wheel-equipped iron bed out to the street as a mariachi band played and a crowd gathered to greet him.

Before that, he hadn’t left his home in five years.

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