- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Based on what I have read and heard from Lanny Davis over the years and now what I read in his new column in The Washington Times, Mr. Davis is a leftist and socialist. His column ought to be called the Blue Nation. The implication of purple is a combination of red (Republican) and blue (Democrat), leading people to believe his views are more centrist when nothing could be further from the truth.

I have read in his columns and heard in his interviews that he espouses a desire to see the federal and state governments involved in causes that could only be termed socialist or liberal (although Mr. Davis now uses the less politically charged term progressive, which is preferred because it means, by implication, all opponents are regressive). The very act of calling for such intervention is, in itself, socialist.

In his latest column (“Jesse Jackson’s ‘post-racial’ legacy for the Democratic Party,” Nation, Monday) Mr. Davis heaps praise upon Mr. Jackson, the flamboyant minister who through his organization attempts to extort funds from businesses for imagined and created racial transgressions and who also exhorts local, regional and the national government to spend money and time getting involved in creating that amorphous notion of social justice.

Never once have I seen Mr. Davis extolling the virtues of a limited government role, except maybe one of the actual functions mandated by our Constitution that he doesn’t support, which is the military and its deployment in our defense.

So, the face that graces the column penned by Mr. Davis is the mug of a blue-as-blue-can-be Democrat, not anyone you can call a “purple” centrist, and it is misleading even to label his writings as such.






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