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Arnaud de Borchgrave (“Holocaust II?” Commentary, Monday) engages in the inflammatory rhetoric rampant in Israel about the threat posed by Iran with a nuclear weapon.

Thus far, none of the nuclear nations from Russia to Pakistan has ever used the power of that weaponry. Ironically, only the United States has done so, in the name of bringing World War II to an end.

Otherwise, for the next 55 years, nuclear weapons have acted as deterrent, with each nation understanding that to use a nuclear bomb would be suicidal.

Iran, the cradle of civilization as we know it, does not plan to commit suicide to rid itself of Israel. That is pure neocon propaganda that fits a worldview wherein the U.S. military and economic clout are the tools of empire; the Middle East is ours to manipulate.

Unfortunately, neither Iran nor the sheiks in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates agree. Neither the United States nor Israel can flaunt nuclear power to demand no further nuclear proliferation be allowed.

If that demand translates into military action, Israel will face a Holocaust II. Only diplomacy and total divestment in nuclear power can bring the security Israel desires. The constant Holocaust refrain rings hollow against the reality that no military action in World War II saved the lives of 6 million Jews. On the contrary, according to the Jewish record of the time, it accelerated the killings.


West Springfield

Once again, your Editor at Large Arnaud de Borchgrave undermines his own arguments with a non sequitur whose root is not in the evidence assembled or the logic of current events, but in the presumed Jewish attachments of his antagonists and the implacable will assigned to these by the irrepressible prejudices of Mr. de Borchgrave’s political imagination (“Holocaust II?” Commentary, Monday).

There is not a single hint in his commentary that Israeli officials (who, we are told, literally believe in the genocidal, indeed the Holocaust-bent designs behind Iran’s nuclear program) will be much deterred or much encouraged by friendly or unfriendly counterparts in Washington. There also is no evidence that Sen. Joe Lieberman is at all approving of military action against Iran by Israel or the United States. And the claim that Israeli generals plan to back up their calculations by literally pushing the United States into unwanted conflict seems highly leveraged speculation - i.e., made up.

Indeed, the actual record of neoconservatives, nay, specifically Jewish neoconservatives, on Iran belies Mr. de Borchgrave’s reflexive posture of a united Israeli-conservative front to manipulate America into their war with Iran. In the real world, Charles Krauthammer has publicly espoused a strategy of nuclear deterrence rather than pre-emptive attack; Elliott Abrams has denounced talk of military action as nuts; and even Robert Kagan has put down the idea.


Falls Church

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