- The Washington Times - Sunday, August 17, 2008

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and his fellow Democrats in Annapolis have some explaining to do. Rising taxes and fees, declining services, financially strapped hospitals, crumbling infrastructure and overcrowded schools are just some of the highlights of the O’Malley administration.

Equally disturbing is the unrelenting financial, political and sanctuary support provided by Mr. O’Malley and the legislature to the illegal-alien support group CASA of Maryland.

Millions of tax dollars are annually pumped into the nonprofit CASA of Maryland. Combined with significantly larger illegal-alien social and economic costs - schooling, law enforcement, criminal justice, insurance, medical care and health care, day-labor centers, gang violence, declining neighborhoods and more. This raises serious concerns about the public-policy benefits of the O’Malley -CASA relationship.

The more Mr. O’Malley feeds CASA, the more illegal aliens find their way into Maryland looking for drivers’ licenses, free social and health services, tax-free employment, in-state college tuition, fraudulent voting opportunities and immunity from law enforcement.

Under the charade of “helping poor, hard-working, family-oriented immigrants,” CASA of Maryland Executive Director Gustavo Torres has played Mr. O’Malley, the legislature and elected officials in Baltimore City, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties for the lawless, shameless politicians they are.

When CASA publishes a handbook to teach illegal aliens how to not cooperate with Maryland law-enforcement officials, no problem for our elected officials; when Mr. Torres lobbies our police and sheriff departments not to enforce federal warrants against wanted criminal illegal immigrants, again not a concern.

CASA’s participation in a bond fund to free illegal aliens when arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and provide legal support to tie up deportation actions in our judicial system - oh, how thoughtful. Finally, accepting $1.5 million from Venezuelan dictator and Iran/Hezbollah terrorist partner President Hugo Chavez to fund CASA’s new O’Malley-donated headquarters in Prince George’s County - just peachy.

It is time to end this dishonest sanctuary relationship between Mr. O’Malley, CASA of Maryland and our precious tax dollars.

No more tax dollars for CASA and their illegal-alien clientele. Help Save Maryland!



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