- The Washington Times - Monday, August 18, 2008

It is important to understand that the war in Georgia was expected and long in preparation in Moscow. It was the typical case and method of Russian-style provocation: leaving a can full of gasoline in a strategic location, provoking incidents such as military overflights of sovereign territory and simply waiting until the victims’ nerves give up and a lit match is thrown accidentally or in desperation into the can.

For Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (forget the figurehead President Dmitry Medvedev) it is part of the master plan to reconstitute the Soviet Union.

The Russians have always been masters of deceit and deception, always ready to deny anything they have done. Anyone who dreams or hopes for a democratic Russia or claims it is a normal state should have his head examined.

Quite simply, history is being repeated, reminiscent of the occupation and annexation of the Baltic States in 1940 and many other past instances of Soviet-style regime change.

One hopes that the White House understands what is at stake and acts as an indispensable nation must act. Countries around the periphery of Russia are carefully observing every word and act out of Washington. These long-suffering peoples sincerely hope the Rooseveltian sellouts will never be repeated.


(Reporting from Tallinn,



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