- The Washington Times - Friday, August 22, 2008

Supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, disillusioned over their presidential candidate’s defeat in the primaries at the hands of her rival, Sen. Barack Obama, say that they will be voting for the Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain, instead of their own presumptive nominee.

The question is: Why? Regardless of how Clinton spokespersons are trying to convince fellow Democrats that Mrs. Clinton is “going to do everything to make sure” that the Democrat, Mr. Obama, wins the election (“Clinton’s convention role nearly settled,” Nation, Aug. 13), the consensus is that the women’s ostentatious protest against their party’s decision is a carefully staged scenario orchestrated by Clinton handlers, aimed at an Obama defeat to clear the way for Mrs. Clinton to run again in 2012. If Mrs. Clinton were serious about making sure Mr. Obama gets elected, why doesn’t she just release her delegates like most loser candidates do, instead of maneuvering to get her name in the nomination with a roll call vote and three prime speaking slots in the name of having her delegates’ voices heard?

Also, what entitles Mrs. Clinton to presume that she can even be nominated in 2012 by her party, whose base she has irreparably alienated because of her deplorable treatment of Mr. Obama during the primaries?

On the other hand, should Mr. McCain choose a social conservative as his running mate, this will galvanize the evangelicals and practicing Catholics to vote for his election. This very important voter bloc will never vote for a pro-choice candidate like Mrs. Clinton, who voted against the ban of that hideous procedure known as partial-birth abortion - where the surgeon kills the baby in the womb before it is delivered - as well as for public funding of abortion on demand. These are strident issues that are anathema to Christian voters. Also, the demographics of practicing and aging Catholics who have constantly voted for Republicans since the 1960s in must-win, battleground states far outweigh the nonpracticing and younger “cafeteria Catholics,” who tend to vote for candidates with liberal views.

Neither will they vote for liberal candidates like Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, who, if elected to the presidency, would surely appoint equally liberal Supreme Court justices who will always uphold the flawed, unconstitutional proposition that a woman has the right to choose the death of an unborn child rather than its right to live.

Furthermore, Mrs. Clinton’s recent use of the Blessed Mother Teresa’s image for political gain in wooing the Catholic vote under false pretenses has alienated even the ill-advised “cafeteria Catholics,” who now realize the hypocrisy of those using their political goals as a way to justify their deceitful means.

The truth is that the masquerade is over for Mrs. Clinton. It’s too bad that the only ones who don’t know it are the faithful ‘Women for Clinton’ masquerading for Mr. McCain.



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