Sunday, August 24, 2008

Democrats and Obama refer to “The Rich” as if those people all are “winners of life’s lottery” as former Congressman Gephardt said.

They promote the concept that “The Rich” are somehow idle young rascals who inherited all their wealth and that taking their money will be good for them and good for everyone else. They trot out a few extremely rich people who say they’d love to pay more taxes, as if those billionaires are the average “Rich” that will really pay most of the extra charge.

Most of “The Rich” (making more than $250,000 according to Obama’s plans) are first generation rich - 82% according to “The Millionaire Next Door.”

That means they worked hard, and long, many working two and more jobs for many years to accumulate enough capital to produce their current incomes.

These are the people Obama wants to punish while making it seem like “The Rich” he wants to tax are just those few billionaires who say they think they should be taxed more.

Cornelius/Web posting

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