Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are the Democrats really ready to take on the Republicans in November? If they are, they certainly aren’t acting like it.

Oh, the lion has roared and Sen. Teddy Kennedy on Monday night offered up a full menu of policies near and dear to every bleeding heart in the house of Pepsi. But the Blue Party is falling way short.

The Democrats are living in a time warp. Indeed, that time warp is what divides the Democrats who want to move forward (with Hillary Clinton and the other ladies in blue) and those who view the Camelot era (and Barack Obama) through a back-to-the-future lens lightly.

But if memory serves its purpose, then Americans recall that Camelot era and its discordant ‘60s were not America‘s one brief shining moment. It was a time when foreign and home-grown terror rocked the nation. The Weather Underground and the bombings. The assassination of two Kennedys and ne King. The antiwar movement. The love-ins and the tune outs. The wars on poverty and drugs. The rise of the anti-establishment movement. It has taken America a long time to recover.

So what does Mr. Kennedy do? He invoked that heady decade without giving the 21st century its due (though we do agree with him that “national service ought to be part of everyday life”). Yet, even the talking points from Nancy Pelosi, who has helped the American public push congressional approval ratings into the toilet (with single digits) failed to deliver.

The daughters Obama and the candidate’s wife? Well, they certainly carried out their respective roles. The Obama girls did their part to bring smiles and endearing chuckles, and their mom unveiled the family portrait as expected.

But the talk in Denver of Democratic disunity continues unabated. That is largely due to the Clintonites, who will either be saboteurs or deliver delegate votes but to also stand behind yet another man who is seeking the highest office in all the land. Hillary Clinton speaks tonight and a lot is resting on her padded shoulders. She has to prove to America in general and women in particular that she is true blue and and reveal what surely will be an updated version of the Clinton legacy.

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