- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We’re officially at the epicenter of the Washington area’s nasty summer heat. So, you’re thinking the best antidotes are to stay inside, drink frozen concoctions and maybe go to the pool.

Think again.

A new massage treatment - though a tad more pricey than an icy Diet Coke - at K Street Northwest’s Andre Chreky: The SalonSpa (www.andrechreky.com) promises not only to cool you off, but also to alleviate headaches, stress and sore muscles.

Described as the “Haagen-Dazs of massage,” it incorporates cold stones.

“People tend to be overheated and dehydrated in the summer,” says Jennifer House, a massage therapist at Andre Chreky. “This counteracts that. It cools and calms.”

When a client comes in complaining of a headache, she says, she applies cold stones to the neck and, voila, the headache is gone.

“It constricts your veins and releases the headache,” Ms. House says.

If the issue is sore and inflamed muscles, Ms. House says an excellent treatment involves alternating hot and cold stones.

She has only offered the cold-stone treatment for about a month but already has a following.

“Some people say the cold stones are too cold. But some really swear by it,” she says.

The treatment is $110 for 55 minutes and $85 for 25 minutes (express massage).



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