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Palestinian patients urged to inform

An Israeli physicians rights group said Israeli security agents are pressuring some Palestinian patients seeking treatment outside the Gaza Strip to become their informers, reporting 30 patients who were denied entry into Israel for medical treatment because they refused to cooperate.

This revelation came as Palestinian medical sources said that two women died after they were forbidden from leaving Gaza for medical treatment because of the Israeli blockade on the Strip.


University closes after clashes

Birzeit University asked all students to leave campus and suspended classes after unfortunate events that erupted between Fatah and Hamas supporters in the wake of the clashes in Gaza.

University officials said the administration closed the faculty to prevent an escalation between the students.


Israel fears revenge for assassination

An Israeli official said Israel fears that Hezbollah is preparing an attack on its citizens in West Africa to avenge the assassination of Hezbollah military leader Imad Mughnieh in a Damascus bombing in February.

He added that Israeli officials have recently visited an unnamed West African nation where a large Lebanese Shi’ite community lives and warned Israelis in that area of an imminent danger.


Hamas arrests 30 who fled to Israel

The security forces of the ousted [Hamas] government in Gaza arrested more than 30 Palestinians whom Israel forced back into the Strip after they had fled to Israel, fearing for their lives.

They tried to escape after Hamas police raided their homes east of Gaza City and violent clashes left nine people killed and 90 others injured from both sides.


Bomber targets police station

Tizi Ouzo was shaken by a suicide attack that targeted the general intelligence headquarters in the region, which currently houses a police station, leaving 21 civilians and four policemen wounded.

Reliable sources told Al-Fadjr that the attacker had failed at trying to storm the station with his booby-trapped car but blew up outside the station, using 1,000 kilograms of explosives.


Hamas threatens West Bank uprising

In an interview with Al-Quds al-Arabi, the deputy political chief of Hamas, Moussa Abu Marzouk, threatened a popular uprising against the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli occupation in the West Bank if the arbitrary crackdown continues.

He said Hamas asked the Egyptian authorities to work toward ending the arrests of Hamas activists and to release those detained by the Palestinian Authority.


Women form voluntary force

U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, Gen. David Perkins, announced the formation of a voluntary Iraqi women’s force, called the “Daughters of Iraq,” similar to the “Awakening” councils.

He said this force would first be launched in Baghdad and Diyala, and is aimed at confronting the growing number of female suicide bombers in the country.


Employers to account for worker rebellion

The Kuwaiti government dealt with the “Asian rebellion” on the basis of a carrot-and-stick policy by forcing the companies to pay the laborers their delayed salaries, while taking action against employers that violate pay rules.

At the same time, the authorities crushed the escalating riots, arresting at least 700 Asians with plans to deport them at the expense of the state.

Compiled by Sana Abdallah of the Middle East Times in Amman, Jordan



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