- The Washington Times - Friday, August 8, 2008


The media is abuzz with a very creative Paris Hilton energy ad that ridicules Sen. John McCain for exploiting her and Britney Spears with the “celebrity” ad that belittled Sen. Barack Obama’s recent foreign trip (“McCain takes lead on YouTube hits,” Page 1, Thursday).

In her ad, Miss Hilton articulates an energy policy that sounds better than the ones proposed by either presidential nominee.

President Hilton would wage two wars simultaneously commencing on her inauguration day - one to conserve energy and the other to increase the supply of energy. On the supply side, offshore/onshore drilling would be conducted under strict environmental standards, and at the same time, Miss Hilton would fund development of newer technologies for such alternate sources as wind, solar, battery, nuclear, natural gas, shale and so on. However, her policy wouldn’t include the now famous Obama line “inflating the tires to save energy” on the demand side of the equation.

If we wage these two wars at once, we can even put the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to use to lower oil prices temporarily and refill it later at lower prices.

A few more of these ingenious ads could easily catapult Paris Hilton into becoming a presidential candidate with a true grasp of real issues. As an independent, I approve of the ad and will vote for her should she decide to run, knowing well that a sunbathing President Hilton on the White House lawns would be a great treat to watch not just for Americans, but the entire world.


Trumbull, Conn.



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