- The Washington Times - Monday, December 1, 2008


Here in Mesa County, Colo., in what was labeled “real America” by some in the last election, many of the local citizens unfortunately have exposed an un-American atmosphere of fear. Immediately following the election, gun and ammunition sales set phenomenal records and left store shelves empty.

In local TV station interviews, reasons given for fear ranged from the economic meltdown to a black man becoming president and his party winning the majority of Congress, to the disingenuous guise of protecting the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

The problem with the last argument is that most gun enthusiasts can recall only the second half of the Second Amendment, and many absolutely believe gun rights are God-given. Even the sign in the lobby of the National Rifle Association headquarters avoids the first half of the Second Amendment by using ellipses. This assertion was upheld recently by the Supreme Court opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller, which found that the first half of the Second Amendment was null and void because state militias were federalized into state National Guard units and militia definitions were outdated. This was quite a leap to make because that has never been ratified to our Constitution.

Our forefathers were quite deliberate in providing U.S. citizens a balanced, patriotic regulation context of gun ownership. The Supreme Court erroneously dealt the greatest blow to our national and state patriotism as defined in our Second Amendment.

We need patriotic governors and legislators who will challenge the federal government in order to re-establish local militias, with relative definitions, to provide for the preface of our defined gun ownership.

1. Anyone can join his or her state militia.

2. All persons in possession or ownership of firearms must join his or her state militia.

3. All militia members must swear oaths to uphold federal and state constitutions and defend the security of such.

4. All militia members must be able to recite and abide by the entire Second Amendment.

Defending the Constitution is more than owning a gun and reciting the second half of the Second Amendment; it requires patriotism. Perpetual fear should not rule our heritage.

Patriotic rendezvous, anyone?


Palisade, Colo.



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