- The Washington Times - Monday, December 1, 2008


We might be tempted to support movements that co-opt the democratic process when we support their cause (“Judicial imperialism,” Editorial, Friday). Unfortunately, this Trojan horse often transports an insidious tyranny. Such movements have no respect for plurality or due process or conscience when it differs from theirs. These movements differ from conscientious objection in that their creed is contained in the words “by any means necessary.”

They would force Christian hospitals to perform abortions, even partial-birth abortions. They would force private and religious organizations and institutions to accommodate practices they find morally objectionable. They would prohibit speech they don’t like. Such were the Stalinists who exterminated the nascent democrats in Russia and the democratic movements in Eastern Europe after World War II. They are more than just strange bedfellows; they are social and ideological bedbugs.


Plymouth, Mich.



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