- The Washington Times - Monday, December 1, 2008


Last Monday night, an attempted robbery occurred outside Neiman Marcus at Tysons Corner in Fairfax County. NBC attempted to portray this sorry crime as someone who tried to rob the store due to the economic downturn. I’m writing to set the record straight about why this or any other crime takes place.

It has absolutely nothing to do with any economic downturn. It has to do with bad people taking advantage of good people. It isn’t because good people turn into bad people during a bad economy.

Criminals are criminals because they want to be, not because they have to be. The economy has nothing to do with a person who has many pages to his or her criminal history and decided to commit another robbery at Tysons Corner.

The economy does not cause one’s neighbor, a person who just lost a job, to suddenly turn into a robber or any other kind of criminal. Good people just don’t turn into thieves and robbers overnight because of a downturn in the nation’s economy.

If that were true, then there should be a major shoplifting wave of food items from local grocery stores during this time, taken by good people with no criminal history so they can eat - but there hasn’t been. When the police apprehend the robber from Tysons, it will be yet another example of a person with a long criminal record. It won’t be an innocent person, a down-on-their-luck type who went bad because of the economy.

I think it is despicable of NBC to label crime as innocent people turned bad because of the economy. I think NBC should return to reporting news as it is rather than inventing issues that are not there.





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