Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I liked the talk Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown recently spoke down at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Mr. Brown said, “We must return to the core American principles of stewardship, service, personal responsibility, shared sacrifice and a fair shot for anyone willing to work on behalf of their own betterment.”

Excellent talk, stirring principles. Such deep frustration as we realize it is our government that has turned from these core American principles held by most of us. Mr. Brown, now is an excellent opportunity to walk the walk.

He should help our government return to the principles he recognized at St. Mary’s College, stand against the foundation of favoritism in politics and repressive disincentive in modern America.

Does he want to help replace favoritism and pandering in our politics with true representation? Eliminate tax loopholes politicians use to buy support. Does he want to encourage success rather than repressive disincentive leading to dependency? He should eliminate destructive progressive taxes on earnings and become a supporter of the Fair Tax proposal (HR 25, S 1025).

In tough times like these, everyone needs a “hand off,”as in get the government’s hand off the incentive to earn. Let the diligent workers provide for their families and thus strengthen America by allowing them to keep all their earnings and choose when to pay the necessary tax.

We are going to need a whole lot of earning out there to put away the bills to which our government has been obligating us.

The Fair Tax proposes to change the way we fund government from a base of fear and confiscation to a transparent system encouraging dignity and success. The Fair Tax replaces the income tax. Best of all, in times like these, the monthly refund of taxes paid on basic necessities of life, up to the recognized poverty level, would provide a real tool to help struggling families.


Leonardtown, Md.

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