- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I read with interest “Bias? Ya think?” (Editorial, Friday). Mark Halperin of Time magazine accurately noted “the extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage” by the media. Although I supported President-elect Barack Obama (albeit with reservations) and celebrated his great victory, I deplored the media bias in my candidate’s favor and would have been even happier if Mr. Obama had won on a level playing field.

I am reminded of the fact that the New York Times called The Washington Times “an outpost of the political right.” (See the obituary “Amos Perlmutter, 69, Expert on Middle Eastern Affairs,” June 16, 2001.) The Big Apple’s august, biased thunderer-blusterer did not realize the colossal irony in the label it obliviously bestowed upon your newspaper, when the New York Times itself, which sets the national agenda, is by far the leading media “outpost of the political left.”





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