- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Lawrence J. Korb and Winny Chen sound like lobbyists for the governments of Pakistan or China (“U.S. must suspend deal if India tests another nuke,” Nation, Nov. 11). Their baseless comments about India being irresponsible and reckless don’t demonstrate how India is any worse than the Nuclear 5, namely the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France and China.

Their comments about India violating nonapplicable rules ignore French, U.S. and Chinese violations of the nonproliferation treaty (NPT) in supporting the Israeli and Pakistani nuclear-bomb efforts, while non-NPT India has never spread nuclear technology. Miss Chen and Mr. Korb’s questionable concern about NPT violations also excludes recent Chinese reactor sales to the terrorist-friendly Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which repeatedly has sold nuclear bomb technology and equipment to Iran, Libya, North Korea and many others. It also constantly threatens India with nuclear attack if India chases Pakistani terrorists into Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir.

The United States did nothing, allowing Chinese imperialists to invade the “peacemongering” countries of Tibet and India, leaving India no choice but to get Soviet help and start building its own defenses, including nuclear ones.

The extremely unfair 123 Agreement between India and the United States stems from the Nuclear 5’s refusal to allow India to sign the NPT under equal terms. This is a very insulting surrender for India, allowing paternalistic alien inspectors to potentially hold India hostage, compromising India’s energy security and sovereignty.

India must never allow itself to be subjugated again, especially after suffering a long and hard nonviolent struggle to rid itself of British imperialism. India is better off developing cheaper, safer and more reliable wind, wave, hydro, solar and geothermal energy sources. It should tell the West to keep its expensive nuclear reactors if Western nations refuse to treat India equally.

Unlike the Nuclear 5, whom Miss Chen and Mr. Korb consider “responsible,” India has never conducted irresponsible above-ground nuclear tests, nor has it ever tested on foreign lands against the will of native inhabitants. India is the only nuclear power committed to a policy of “no first use.” All other nuclear powers refuse to sign on to this idea, wanting to maintain their right to be the first to initiate nuclear attacks on others.

The five major nuclear powers, their NPT and their U.N. Security Council have no integrity, as they refuse to include India under equal terms, refuse to disarm and do not agree to “no first use.”


Calgary, Alberta



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