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Can’t name any players or coaches? No worries: The game between Troy and Southern Miss should be an excellent one. New Orleans Bowl, 8:15 p.m., ESPN

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Saturday’s e-edition featured a story on Wake Forest’s Chip Vaughn, but here’s another story on the safety from Patrick Stevens:

I wanted to share this gem related by Sharifah Vaughn, the fifth-year senior’s mother.

She hasn’t missed a game throughout her son’s career and extolled the tightness of Wake Forest’s program throughout our conversation this afternoon. This wasn’t unexpected; when I left a message on her voice mail, I got to hear “Go Deacs” right before the beep.

So clearly, the relationship between her family and Wake is a strong one. But years ago, coach Jim Grobe’s salesmanship had her wondering whether her son would actually play in Winston-Salem, N.C.

“He said, ‘Son, you’re probably never going to win the ACC championship; heck, we probably won’t go to a bowl game. But you’ll get a fine education,’” Sharifah Vaughn recalled. “I’m thinking, ‘Coach Grobe, you’re not helping. You already said he probably wouldn’t play as a freshman, and that was a hard pill to swallow. And now you’re going to tell him he’ll probably never play in a bowl. You’re losing him, son.’”

Grobe wasn’t through.

Said Sharifah: “He ended up saying to Chip, ‘You know, son, you have some great offers.’ He talked about Virginia and how wonderful it is and Virginia Tech and how wonderful it is. He was just very complimentary of other schools. But he closed in saying, ‘You could go be a part of a great football tradition, or you can help build it.’ I think it was really that [which resonated].”


In honor of Sammy Baugh, here’s a look at the best “old-time” quarterbacks:

1. Otto Graham (1946-55) - Seven-time first-team All-Pro led the Browns to three championships. During his tenure, the Browns were 105-17-4.

2. Bart Starr (1956-71) - Even taking out the Super Bowls won after the NFL-AFL merger, Starr guided the Packers to three NFL titles and revived the franchise.

3. Sammy Baugh (1937-52) - Could punt (as well as throw) with the best of them. Oh, and he won two titles with the Redskins.

4. Johnny Unitas (1956-73) - Johnny U came after the leather era ended, but his 10 Pro Bowl appearances, 290 TD passes and 40,239 yards make him a must for this list.

5. Y.A. Tittle (1948-64) - Even with the passing revolution of the modern game, Tittle is still 16th in career TD passes.



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