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The recent shoe-tossing at President Bush in Iraq is harsh proof that none of us is safe anywhere. Would the criminal, religious-hatred terrorists of the Middle East accept an $X billion U.S. bailout ($X billions from where?) to return Iraq and Afghanistan to their socio-religious structure, as we’re doing with Wall Street and our auto industry, for our departure? Would the Afghans cease production in their poppy fields, or should we spray the poppy fields with Agent Orange? If President-elect Barack Obama carries out his plans to visit countries overseas, will they be able to protect him? If anything happens to him, what should we do? Should we let him travel? We need answers.

Second: When Fidel Castro won his revolution against the government of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, we saw on TV his troops executing Batista’s people by shooting them and then watched them fall into trench graves that they had been forced to dig for themselves. What should/will we do if the criminal elements in Iraq and Afghanistan suddenly start slaughtering the smaller force of American caretakers we leave behind, then government officials as well as rival religious groups? Will we reinvade? Will we ever be on friendly terms again with the Middle East? We are with Vietnam. We need answers.

More questions: In the interests of humanity, should we make peace with Cuba? What will we do if the Venezuelans begin to allow the Russians to erect missile sites there? Will we threaten to destroy them as the Russians have threatened our plan to erect missile sites in Poland? Will we send military advisers and technicians to Poland if we go ahead? Remember Vietnam. Will Mr. Obama want to visit Cuba and Venezuela? Should we let him go? It was published that South Korea expects us to send 675,000 of our military forces if North Korea ever invades. From where will we get that many service members on such short notice? If another conflict erupts, will we activate our military draft? Are the American people prepared for any and all of the above? We need answers.


Air Force (retired)

Culpeper, Va.

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