Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thank you for the excellent column by Tara Wall on why black voters supported California’s Proposition 8 (“A marriage mandate,” Op-Ed, Nov. 18). Many in the mainstream media have portrayed black supporters of traditional marriage as hypocrites who want to steal homosexuals’ “civil rights.” However, this view is based on emotional rhetoric instead of a sober review of the evidence.

Ms. Wall’s “seat at the table” argument undermined gay activists who compare their cause to the civil rights movement. During segregation, a white homosexual still enjoyed basic constitutional rights that were denied to all black Americans. Hence, many black voters do not view gay marriage as a civil right in need of special legal protection.

Black voters’ skepticism has deepened after they were racially slurred by angry gay activists, who blame them for Proposition 8’s success. When did civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King ever hurl hate speech at their opponents? So much for gay activists valuing tolerance.

The other great point in Ms. Wall’s column was how family factored into black voters’ support for Proposition 8. Celebrities like Bill Cosby are among those who think stronger black families will solve many of the black community’s ills. Logically, the average black voter considers any attempt to redefine marriage as a threat to his or her community’s survival. Yet gay-marriage supporters are blind to this simple truth.

During the presidential campaign, I concluded that the mainstream media was dedicated to shameless liberal propaganda. Ms. Wall’s column has reminded me that some in the media still believe in the truth and in journalistic integrity.



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