- The Washington Times - Sunday, December 7, 2008

The real danger facing Americans is not radical Islam its danger is only indirect. What Americans today suffer from is a deep dose of relativism where there is no objective truth and if there is, we have no way of finding it. Each person is therefore left to find his or her truth and one truth is as good as another.

Consequently, there is nothing valuable in America to struggle or fight for, since you do not fight and die for something that could be wrong. You fight for values that are true and solid.

This is where the danger of Islam enters the picture. Islam believes in itself as true - in fact, as the only truth. Muslims are willing to die for this truth. Americans no longer are. Infected by relativism, Americans are unsure of the objective truth of America and its values and therefore are really unwilling to sacrifice and die for it. It is multiculturalism gone wild where everything is challenged. Having lost confidence in the truth of what America stands for, it is already defeated. The stronger culture of Islam will sooner or later replace the weaker American one.

I personally do not know any way back from this dilemma.


Houston, Texas

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