- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 1, 2008


• “As for the one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyway, so don’t worry about that. That’s a temporary situation.” — The Rev. Al Sharpton, on Mitt Romney, May 10.

• “Don’t move, or both of us’ll die.” — New York subway hero Wesley Autrey, speaking to a man who’d fallen on the subway tracks. Mr. Autrey covered the man as a train whirred overhead; both survived.

• “You are a rude, thoughtless little pig.” — Actor Alec Baldwin in a voice message to his 11-year-old daughter, who had missed his scheduled phone call.

• “The label currently reads: BOTTLED AT THE SOURCE P.W.S. The change will be made to spell out P.W.S. by reading PUBLIC WATER SOURCE.” — Pepsi spokesman Michelle Naughton, admitting that the company’s Aquafina bottled water is actually tap water.

• “You had a hundred billion chances and ways to have avoided today. But you decided to spill my blood. You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option.” — Suicidal gunman Seung-Hui Cho, in a video dated April 16, the day he massacred 32 persons on the campus of Virginia Tech.

• “I lost, the other side won, it is over.” — Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, after “comprehensive” immigration legislation failed, July 16, 2007.

• “[W]e decided we should intensify the exchanges between importers and exporters in the field of standards.” — Chinese government official Wei Chuanzhong, explaining a lead-paint ban for Chinese toys exported to the United States, Sept. 11.

• “That such a flawed product could emerge after a drawn-out bureaucratic struggle is extremely troubling.” — Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton on Dec. 6, criticizing the notion voiced in a National Intelligence Estimate that Iran halted its nuclear program in 2003.

• “Let me be clear, the answer is no. I did not use steroids, or human growth hormone and I’ve never done so … This report is simply not true.” — Roger Clemens, Dec. 24.

• “• ur troops must be out of a combat role by October — I mean by August of 19 — of 2007.” — Rep. David Obey, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, in March.

• “No matter what, by March 2008, the redeployment begins.” — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, March.

•”We’re heading toward socialism, and nothing and no one can prevent it.” — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Jan. 9.

• “Why don’t you shut up!”— Spain’s king, Juan Carlos, to Mr. Chavez at a diplomatic summit, Nov. 10.

• “I ordered a Hummer hybrid.” — Paris Hilton, July 19. (No such car exists.)

• “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” — Joe Biden on Barack Obama, Feb. 7.

• “The planet has a fever. If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor. If the doctor says you need to intervene here, you don’t say, ‘Well, I read a science-fiction novel that told me it’s not a problem.’ If the crib’s on fire, you don’t speculate that the baby is flame-retardant.” — Al Gore, congressional testimony, March 21.

• “Rudy Giuliani — there’s only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun and a verb and 9/11. I mean, there’s nothing else.” — Joe Biden, MSNBC debate, Oct. 30.

• “Don’t tase me, bro, don’t tase me!” — University of Florida student Andrew Meyer, at a John Kerry speech in Florida, before officers tased him, Sept. 17.

• “I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don’t have maps and I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and Iraq and everywhere like such as and I believe that they should our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S. or should help South Africa and should help Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future for our children.” — Miss Teen USA contestant Lauren Upton of South Carolina, Aug. 28, answering the question: “Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a map. Why do you think this is?”

• “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country.” — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at Columbia University, Sept. 24.

• “The American people believe English should be the official language of the government. … We should replace bilingual education with immersion in English so people learn the common language of the country and they learn the language of prosperity, not the language of living in a ghetto.” — Newt Gingrich, in a speech to the National Federation of Republican Women, March 31.

• “I don’t think they’re piling on because I’m a woman. I think they’re piling on because I’m winning.” — Hillary Clinton, after filing primary papers in New Hampshire, Nov. 2.

• “A year ago my approval rating was in the 30s, my nominee for the Supreme Court had just withdrawn and my vice president had shot someone. Ah, those were the good ole days.” — President Bush, Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner, March 28.

• “Look, I don’t comment on other people’s comments. I don’t have time, all right. …We have right now probably the strongest trans-Atlantic relations … I would say in a very long time. …We’re working with allies in Europe, Russia and China on Iran. The [NATO] alliance is mobilized together in Afghanistan. We had 50-plus countries at Annapolis to launch the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians. We’re working together with allies in Lebanon.I can go on and on and on and on. And so, I would just say to people, look at the facts.” — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, responding in December to questions concerning Mike Huckabee’s comment that the Bush administration has a “bunker mentality.”

• “You can’t take your friends and your family and your loved ones for granted, thinking they’re going to be here longer than you can imagine.” — Former NFL Pro Bowler LaVar Arrington at the Dec. 3 funeral for Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor.

• “I want to live in Maui five to seven years from now and start a small church. I believe God wants me to be a minister, a preacher. … It will be non-denominational and purely about spirit, where everything merges. … We won’t leave anybody out.” — Music legend and philanthropist Carlos Santana during a November interview with JamBase.

• “If you really understand what Bill Cosby is saying, if you really listen, he’s saying, ‘Get an education. Drive your children with love and care, and they will feel confidence when they go to school. Build a confidence about yourself and what you can control, and then you will be able to fight the systemic and the institutional [problems]. You will care more about what you do and what is done to you.’ I’ve said that over and over.” — Bill Cosby, on “Meet the Press,” in October.

• “To accuse the president of an arrogant, bunker mentality is in my view more fitting of a person running for the Democratic Party than from our own. It sounds like something Barack Obama or John Edwards would say, not what you hear from someone running for president as a Republican.” — Mitt Romney, criticizing Mike Huckabee, on Fox News, Dec. 15.

• “I thought my good looks and athletic ability would carry me through.” — Fred Thompson, joking that his relaxed approach to the presidential campaign dates back to high school, quoted in the New York Times, Dec. 1.

• “Punitive Democrat[ic] tax hikes make it more difficult for our small-business owners to meet their bottom lines and needless, burdensome regulations threaten to squash their ambitions.” — Rep. Adam Putnam, in The Washington Times, Dec. 26.

• “My sense of him is that he is very different at 57 than he was at 22 when he entered out system.” — Maryland Parole Commission Chairman David Blumberg, on the release of Arthur Bremer, who served 35 years of a 53-year sentence for the 1972 shooting of Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

• “Craig stated … He has a wide stance when going to the bathroom and that his foot may have touched mine.” — The police report on the bathroom incident with Sen. Larry Craig, June 11.



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