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From the rooftops

“If the Reagan Revolution is stalled in this election cycle, it is because those at the head of the movement have stopped emphasizing its personal appeal to the average American. This is not the fault of [Rush] Limbaugh — who is rightly perturbed that he must constantly spell out a candidate’s conservative bona fides or lack thereof — but of those who forget that conservative ideals can resonate with voters in a way that liberalism cannot.

“While folks who listen to Limbaugh can proclaim their core beliefs from the rooftops, liberal ‘values’ must be slowly indoctrinated into the mainstream. This is why liberal talk radio is such a failure. Except for their radical base, not many people can take the left-wing mantra straight up. To succeed, they must cloak their message in pleasant euphemisms like ‘choice’ and ‘equal rights.’

“Whatever polls may say, the majority of the American people do not embrace higher taxes, the culture of perpetual victimhood, government intervention in their lives, the taking of innocent life, and the defeat of our military at the hands of those who would see us all dead.

“The first candidate who climbs up on the rooftop with Rush and the rest of us and shouts these things out loud will be the one who walks away with the prize this summer.”

Lisa Fabrizio, writing on “Rush & Reagan,” Wednesday in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

Frustrating game

“[Woody] Allen seems to feel that human identity, male identity in particular, achieved its essence in about 1956. Men want what they want. They perpetually need to have sex, and usually no one’s willing. But occasionally, through sheer luck of the draw, a volunteer steps forward. What happens then? The guy doesn’t want her. (Allen’s rejection of the beautiful Allison Portchnick in ‘Annie Hall’ is as plangent a scene as he ever played.) No, it’s the girl across the street or down the block or the one embedded in his fantasies that he has to have. …

“As to women’s lot, who knows what that is? Women are what Freud, Allen’s Viennese foster father, called the Dark Continent. Only one thing about them is certain: they add more frustration to an already frustrating game.”

Mark Edmundson, writing on “Alone at the Movies,” in the winter issue of the American Scholar

Global physics

“There is considerable debate over whether the ‘greenhouse gas’ effect will raise the temperature of the atmosphere. … But even if you grant for the sake of argument … that the Earth’s atmosphere will go up a full 5 degrees centigrade in temperature, Al Gore’s claim that ocean levels will rise 20 feet thanks to global warming seems to ignore the laws of thermodynamics. I am no climatologist, but I do know about physics. …

“That aspect of basic physics seems to have been overlooked by climatologists in their alarming claims of dramatic and rapid sea-level rise due to melting of the Antarctic ice caps and Greenland glaciers. But of course, we have learned that models predicting global warming also failed to take account of precipitation, so overlooking important factors (‘inconvenient truths’) should not cause much surprise anymore.”

— Jerome J. Schmitt, writing on “Will the Ice Caps Melt?” Tuesday at AmericanThinker.com

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