- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Rover’s new hero is a bus driver named Glenda, who authored the most impressive 10 minutes of driving this side of NASCAR yesterday en route to the Superdome. Angered by a sea of game-going pedestrians refusing to obey traffic signals and the cowed reaction of drivers around her, Glenda put her forearm on the horn and her foot on the gas, literally clearing foot traffic with her bumper. You would be shocked at how quickly a crowd will part when someone in its midst gets nudged by a 20-ton bus.

c Add deep fried corn to beignets, chicory coffee, etouffee and gumbo on the list of must-try Louisiana specialties. The Rover had never sampled fried corn kernels before Sunday night, but he definitely will be returning to that menu delight. Speaking of all things fried, google “LSU fans smell like corn dogs” for a good laugh. The Rover neither will confirm nor deny the accuracy of the above assertion.

Barker Davis



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