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Arnaud de Borchgrave’s column should be essential reading for everyone concerned about what is going on in the world (“U.S.-Israel moment of truth?” Commentary, Monday). At a time when our military is stretched very thin, our national debt is ballooning, our economy is strained and the average American is worried about keeping his or her house and job, the last thing the United States needs is to get involved in another war.

Mr. de Borchgrave very eloquently and presciently alerts readers of The Washington Times that Israel is pressuring the United States to attack Iran soon or threatening to do so on its own. As Mr. de Borchgrave points out, such a war would have immense costs.

Among others, “With U.S. consumer confidence already at a 16-year low, oil would quickly skyrocket to $400 or $500 a barrel.” In addition, he notes that there are alternatives to war and that “(t)hree former CentCom four-stars - Anthony Zinni, John Abizaid and William J. Fallon - are on record against bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities.” We don’t need our erstwhile ally to push us into endangering our interests and our citizens in an unnecessary war whose consequences promise to dwarf those of the current war in Iraq.

I hope the powers that be will consider his words and think long and hard about what the United States’ policy regarding Iran should be. This is truly a case where prudence is the better part of valor and hasty action is in no one’s interest - and especially ours.



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