- The Washington Times - Friday, July 18, 2008


Thanks for the new format and the “Mark Kellner is a great example of the power of current technology; however, the Kindle has many limitations for learning.

The OLPC (Massachusetts Institute of Technology for less developed countries and now sold for less than $150 (the Kindle sells for $359) has virtually all of the features and functions of a PC.

More than 1 million OLPCs have been sold. They can download everything the Kindle can plus much more for interactive learning “Any Time in Any Place Along Any Path at Any Pace.”

The OLPC, although larger than the Kindle and smaller than a regular PC, is ideal and cost-effective for every student and adult in the country for reading and learning.

It’s time for the educational establishment to adopt OLPCs as a standard tool rather than printed materials for learning. The OLPC can work well interactively with teachers, tutors, parents and others anywhere, including classrooms.


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