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Bonnie Lewin

Company:Evers & Co.

Phone: 202/364-1700 (office); 301/332-0171 (cell)

Fax: 202/537-0160

E-mail address:[email protected]

Web site:www.bonnielewin.com

Year started: 1987

How long with the current company: 21 years

How did you get started in real estate?: My broker, Donna Evers, had been my Realtor in 1984 when my husband and I were looking for a house in Somerset. The following year, Donna started her own company and recruited me. I had a career in criminal justice involving extensive travel, which was becoming increasingly difficult with two young children. When Donna asked me if I wanted to join her company in 1987, I jumped at the chance, as it combined my desire to work with buyers and sellers, my love of houses and my analytical skills. That year, I got pregnant with my third child.

Licenses and designations: Certified Buyers Agent in the District, Maryland and Virginia

Awards: Top Agent at Evers & Co. in terms of overall volume since 2002

Greatest accomplishment in the past 12 months: Professional: being able to maintain my status as the top agent in the face of the declining real estate market. Personal: becoming a grandmother

Area of specialty: In Maryland:Chevy Chase and the town of Somerset, where I live. I enjoy working with first-time buyers.

Highest-priced home sold: $4,700,000 in Kalorama and $4,000,000 in Georgetown

Most memorable house you´ve been involved with: My first transaction, which involved selling a town house on the first open house to a buyer who walked in without an agent. That permitted the sellers of the town house to purchase a detached home a week later, during which they were in competition and got the home over another purchaser on their 10th anniversary. When they did the inspection, there were termites flying around in the basement, but the purchasers were not deterred as they loved the house, termites and all.

Your worst experience buying or selling a house: I represented an overseas seller who had rented out his rambler for 20 years, rarely visited it and was reluctant to spend money on maintaining it. The house suffered from extensive water damage and had developed a mold problem over time. The tenant didn´t complain, as his rent was below market value. When it came time to sell in 2005, very few buyers were interested because of the house’s poor condition. Luckily, it was one of the lowest-priced homes in Chevy Chase, and a savvy real estate agent bought it with the intent of renovating it for his family residence. However, the appraiser refused to appraise it because of the mold problem. That´s when I learned about Mr. Mold, a company that comes in and fumigates houses with mold issues. When the mold treatment was completed, the bank was willing to provide the loan. A year later, I drove right by the house without recognizing it. The new owner had totally transformed the house into a three-story home.

Age: I will be 60 in September.

Family: Husband, Martin; three grown children, Josh, 29, Mike, 25, and Allie, 20; and 3- month-old grandson, Chase.

Education: Bachelor of arts in sociology, Boston University, 1970; master’s degree in criminology, University of Pennsylvania, 1971

Community affiliations: Welcoming Committee chairman, Town of Somerset; board member, Somerset Elementary School Educational Foundation; board member, Anne Frank House, which provides housing for formerly homeless people

Outside Interests: Golf, exercise, book club

Last book read: “People of the Book” by Geraldine Brooks

Last movie: “The Counterfeiters”

Car: Acura RL

Dream house: A second home - on a golf course in California



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