- The Washington Times - Friday, July 25, 2008

A family quarrel that ends up in an arrest for assault, verbal or otherwise, sure is a doozy. “Dark Knight” actor Christian Bail — whoops — Bale apparently has quite a bit of work to do on the forgiveness-earning front vis-a-vis mother Jenny and sister Sharon. Here are some suggestions.

1. New house every Mother’s Day — Winters in the Stockholm. It’s not rocket science; it’s real estate. Simple as signing the papers.

2. Role in next “Batman” flick — Is there any doubt that sister Sharon hasn’t fantasized at least for a second about appearing in one of her bro’s “Batman” installments? How ‘bout as Batgirl? Or Catwoman? She couldn’t be any worse than Halle Berry.

3. Set up date with Alfred — That is, Michael Caine. For Mom.

4. Set up date with Aaron Eckhart. For Sis.

5. Trust funds — With “The Dark Knight” set to soak up at least $400 million at the box office — there’s even loose talk of a “Titanic”-like take of $600 million — Mr. Bale, if he made the right profit-sharing deal, could set up generous trusts for his entire family and feel nary a pinch.



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